Run for those that can’t

This Sunday at 7:30am I will set out on one of the most physically challenging activities I’ve ever attempted. After training 6 days a week for the last 5 months, I will be attempting my first marathon.

I recently spoke with Mark Kleanthous, an elite triathlete who has completed over 460 triathlons. Mark just ran a 6-day, 156-mile ultra marathon through the Sahara Desert (equivalent of 6 marathons) so I asked him how he gets through tough training and races. He said, “think of those that can’t run or do sport… run for them.”

While I may not be running 156 miles like Mark just did, Sunday morning is going to be hard. As tough as it will feel, it pales in comparison to the struggle that cancer patients deal with every day. After about four hours of running, the challenging event will be over and I’ll be able to rest. For those with cancer, it’s not that easy. When I’m laboring through those last couple of miles, I’ll be thinking of those going through a much harder struggle. Those for whom it seems like a marathon simply to walk around the hospital during treatment.

That’s why I’m riding the Pan Mass Challenge again this summer. Our goal is $40 million and my personal goal is $5000 to help fight cancer. The miles are the easy part; it’s the fundraising and support of people dealing with cancer that is why I’m doing this in the first place. That’s why we ride 192 miles that first weekend of August. So that no brother, mother, sister, father, friend, whoever, has to hear those awful words that their loved one has cancer.

You can help me reach my goal. Our goal. A world without cancer. Every penny counts, and every mile gets us closer to a world with more birthdays.

In honor of the marathon, would you consider making a $26.2 donation?

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