It’s getting personal.

Heard some more news about a friend with cancer today. Puts a whole lot of things into perspective…

Fuck cancer, it’s getting too personal. This is why I ride the Pan-Mass Challenge. It’s not just a bike ride anymore. The miles seem easy compared to what the little girl at the water stop with a sign that says “I’m alive because of what you are all doing” is going through. Or the 70 year old survivor bringing you a cup of water when you’re thirsty at the last water stop. Or the woman standing at the top of a giant hill at mile 170, who has no hair left, after going through chemo with a sign that says “Thank you for riding.”


Every mile brings us closer to a world without cancer and supports those affected.

Please consider joining in on the fight. Our goal this year is $40 million. Every penny counts. My personal donation page can be found here

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