One Full Year with November Project

It’s 11:30pm on a Tuesday night after a Red Sox game with a group of new One Run For Boston friends. We’ve had quite a few beers and someone brings up this crazy group they heard about where people run up and down stadium stairs… at 6:30 am… for fun. I had seen Andrew Ference tweeting about it a week or two earlier, and wanted to check it outsometime soon. We quickly learned what a #verbal was and for some reason agreed to wake up nearly 5 hours later and check it out. Without realizing what I had just gotten myself into, I crawled into bed at nearly 1am with an alarm set for 5:15 just a few hours later.

Photo from 1st workout... Captioned on IG "Look at all these sickos enjoying this"

Photo from 1st workout

Fast forward a full year. I’ve gone from running only a handful of times every couple of weeks (and not really enjoying it at all) to running a marathon and am now aiming for a sub 18 minute 5k later this year. How did that happen? November Project.

November Project: the only way I can describe it is “the most awesomely motivating fitness group, ever.” November Project is made up of everyone from ultrarunners and Ironman triathletes to people who are just getting into fitness and working out. You will always find someone your speed… Right Elin? The beauty of it for beginners is that since the workouts are in a relatively small space, you don’t necessarily know who’s the fastest or slowest (besides right at the start)

That’s certainly not to say people don’t race. One of my favorite parts of November Project is how the person next to you can push you to go faster. Monday’s #destinationdeck was a circuit and I unintentionally ended up racing the guy next to me and certainly would not have pushed myself as hard without that additional motivation. #raceeverything

With windchill, it was -20*F

With windchill, it was -20*F

One of the best parts about November Project is being #weatherproof. No matter if it’s cold/rainy/windy/snowy/dark/blizzarding (you get it) the Tribe still continues to show up. Accountability is huge, and it certainly helped me stay motivated during the awful winter we had recently. I was signed up for a spring marathon, so bailing on workouts wasn’t much of an option, and NP made so many of those dark mornings just a little brighter (ok a lot brighter… #thetribelovesneon).
There’s just something powerful about giving a “verbal.” Not just because Jenna/Elin/etc will write a “We Missed You” post, but because you know someone is out there waiting for you to get there. Call it peer pressure or call it accountability, but whatever it is, works.



One of my proudest moments over the last year was earning the Positivity Award. Brogan introduced me as “one of the loudest people on social media” which is something I’m certainly proud of… I can’t stop recruiting everyone I know. November Project has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me and I want to share with everyone I know in all 17 cities.

The good news? If you live in Boston, Edmonton, Madison or Milwaukee WI, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philly, Indy, NYC, Denver, Baltimore, Minneapolis MN, Washington DC or New Orleans, you can join in on the fun.

Just want to give another big thanks to Brogan and Bojan (and Pour House for a little liquid courage for that first verbal) for creating a community that has led to new friends, shattered PRs and a reason to love that 5:15 alarm every Monday Wednesday and Friday.

Words cannot describe how awesome November Project is. #JustShowUp and see for yourself.

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