New job, same passion.

I have recently accepted an opportunity with another Boston based nutrition related company called InsideTracker. I was not actively searching for a job, and was presented with this opportunity a couple of weeks ago. I’m excited for a new challenge while allowing me to continue with my passion of helping improve athletes’ performance and overall health.

I have loved every minute of my two and a half years working at ENERGYbits, seeing it grow from a product to an entire community of inspiring and motivated people, which includes several hundred brand ambassadors as well as 60+ pro and Olympic athletes. I’ve enjoyed working with our brand ambassadors, learning all about their training, families, racing, and much more. If you’re one of our brand ambassadors reading this, thank you for all of your support. It’s been a true pleasure working with all of you. I’m proud to call quite a few of you my friends and look forward to staying in touch!

I will be forever grateful to Catharine for all of her guidance and for believing in me and providing me with the opportunity and chance to grow as much as I have. I’ve learned so much about social media and nutrition, and I’ve had the opportunity to go to the Olympics. I started running because most of our customers are runners/marathoners, so I decided to sign up for a marathon to learn more about how the product helps. Along the way, I’ve met some pretty incredible people which has led me to November Project, which has totally changed my life.

InsideTracker is a game changer, already working with several professional teams. I’m excited to introduce my network of coaches, nutrition professionals and athletes to the benefits as well.

InsideTracker analyzes biomarkers in blood and then makes specific recommendations regarding how to change your lifestyle (food/alcohol/exercise) to optimize these levels. Doing so allows for increased recovery time, better sports performance and improved overall health and energy levels. I was recently tested and am excited to incorporate many of the recommend changes in regards to my nutrition and seeing the results over time.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 3.05.42 PM

More avocado? Sure!

I was tested a few weeks ago and have already begun to make a few of the recommended changes and I’ve already seen performance benefits. I ran the most miles in a week last week that I’ve ever run before, and felt significantly better than I did during any of my peak marathon training weeks. My day to day energy levels seem to be better recently as well, which was something I was struggling with when I made the jump from 25-30 mile weeks back up to 30-40. I’m now running between 40 and 47 miles and feel better than ever before.

My role with InsideTracker will be similar to my mission with ENERGYbits, which was to help show people (mainly athletes) the substantial impact that food can have on performance. InsideTracker takes it to the next level, by using blood analysis to improve athletic performance and longevity.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 1.29.12 PM

Showing recommendation on how to incorporate more effective rest, coenzyme Q10 and foods to help. Note: I raced a half marathon two weeks prior, and often train (and then hang out) outside, which slightly elevates CK

InsideTracker does several things. It analyzes up to 30 nutrient levels (called biomarkers) and then gives you recommendations on how to improve them, while also explaining why you should consider doing so. The system gives you five foods that have the largest potential to help improve what they call “InnerAge” (based on nutrient levels, stress and training inputs), which is shown above.

Foods to improve CK

In addition to giving recommendations on foods and supplements (you can choose if you are open to all supplements, some, or none at all. I picked “some”) to improve these biomarkers, InsideTracker also gives you the science behind the recommendations.

Science behind Creatine Kinase suggestions

As seen in the image that says “Eat Less… Eat More…,” you can also input your specific dietary choices, including vegan, vegetarian, paleo, Mediterranean, gluten free and much more. InsideTracker shows you which specific biomarkers each food impacts, and there are 7,500 foods in the database to choose from.

If you have any questions regarding InsideTracker or would like to learn more about getting your own results, let me know! It’s a very quick turnaround. I was in and out of the blood draw in about 5 minutes, and received my results two days later.

I will continue to use both ENERGYbits and RECOVERYbits as part of my training, as it truly does have a performance and recovery benefit. Algae contains many of the nutrients that InsideTracker tests for, and as a result, those specific biomarkers (about a half dozen of them) were almost exactly in the middle (optimized) of where they should be.

It may be a new job, but it’s still the same passion.

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