Online Fitness Communities

There’s a good chance you’ve seen me post/talk about November Project. (If you haven’t, it might be the greatest thing ever, #JustShowUp) NP is definitely the most motivating group of people I’ve ever met.

In person fitness communities are awesome, but did you know there are groups that exist online that can be just as motivating and inspiring?

My last post was all about “Making the Most of Twitter Chats,” which are becoming more and more popular these days. Twitter chats allow for communities to exist online without people ever actually meeting in person. I participate in a half dozen or so each week, for ENERGYbits as well as my own personal enjoyment and benefit. Some of my favorites include chats about plant-based running, healthy living, and running in general.

Why are these online fitness communities so popular? People can share their successes which can be inspiring to others. After seeing so many tweets about people running marathons and crushing races, I decided to go for it myself! I was inspired by hearing about how successful other people have been and am hoping to pay it forward.

Like Kelly said, many people enjoy being involved in these communities so they can learn how they can improve and ask for help when there’s something that’s been challenging them.

There are plenty of other communities that exist outside of the Twitter chats. Another one you can participate in is #FurtherFasterForever, which got started on Instagram as a way to inspire people to train and race faster and for longer distances. People are constantly searching the #FurtherFasterForever photos and commenting on each others’ photos and training progress. F3 has grown so large that they have meet ups at races, and I even heard of a couple getting engaged after “meeting” via the online posting.

There are plenty of other, similar communities such as FitFluential, Girls Gone Sporty, Sweatpink, #PoweredByBits and many others, where there’s more to the community than just an associated chat. All of those communities have brand ambassador programs associated with them, where members receive some sort of benefit for being a part of the community.

What are your favorite online communities to be a part of?

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